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how bangalow flea markets was born

Bangalow Flea Markets is a brand new market in the Northern Rivers area. It's a little different than what you might regularly find around Byron Bay and Bangalow. Focusing on vintage and pre-loved goods, BFM is largely inspired by the famous Camden Markets in London.

Less than 3 months young, BFM have managed to launch with a boom, however, there have definitely been challenging moments with undertaking such a large project. Keep reading for a Q&A with one of the founders, Spencer, to find out more about the process.

  1. Where did the idea to start a flea market come from? "I got the idea whilst working on a Saturday at the garage. I noticed lots of people come into Bangalow on a Saturday and leave by midday because there was nothing to do, so I had a lightbulb moment and thought 'Markets!'"

  2. Why a flea market and not another type of market? "We wanted to get away from the usual Byron Shire markets which are quite expensive and exclusive. We wanted anyone with something to sell to be able to have a stall. That's why we are having an area dedicated to garage sale stalls."

  3. What's been the most challenging part of starting a new project like this? "The most challenging has been the amount of requests for stalls! Trying to get everyone a stall is a huge headache as most of the people who did our first market wanted to come back on a permanent basis so we are creating Garage Sale Square, a new area for locals wanting to sell their old items."

  4. What have you learnt so far during the process? "Patience and faith that it will all be alright on the day."

  5. What have been the best parts of starting Bangalow Flea Markets? "People's feedback that they have had a great day and enjoyed themselves at the market makes all the hard work worthwhile. Market day is the one day of the month that I don't think about market organisation, I can just enjoy the day."

  6. How do you imagine BFM one year from now? "In a year I would like the market to have doubled in size so that we use all the little alleyways and squares at Bangalow Public School so you won't know what's around the corner. It will be a really funky, fun place to be on a Saturday full of good food and great stalls."

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