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What is garage sale square?

The beginning of Bangalow Flea Markets started with an idea; we wanted to create a flea market composed of local businesses and garage sale sellers combined. Hosting garage sale stalls had a few key benefits:

1. It would separate our market from others in the Northern Rivers area. There are so many markets around that we knew we'd have to have a unique drawcard to interest customers.

2. We could get the local community involved. We love meeting new faces and helping people feel like Bangalow Flea Markets is their own market too!

3. Hosting garage sale sellers meant that we could guarantee that BFM remained fresh every single month - you'd never find the exact same stalls twice.

It was a no-brainer! So, after hosting only two markets, BFM introduced Garage Sale Square in November of 2020, and it's been popular ever since. Every month, this section is always bustling with customers searching for the best finds and bargaining with stallholders. The usual sellers are local families and individuals looking to sell their pre-loved clothing and knick-knacks while enjoying the sun, shopping and food.

With 25 different stalls every month, we've seen a variety of different and creative setups. Each one is unique in its own way, so make sure you stop by and have a peek. You never know what you'll find!

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